Back in Black Shoes: All-Black Shoes

Back in Black Shoes: All-Black Shoes

In a world full of vibrant colors, there are plenty of all-black things to appreciate: black coffee, black sunglasses, Sandy at the end of Grease, James Dean's black leather jacket, the black of the theater just before the curtains open, you get it. 

And even though you can find many Allbirds shoes in a massive variety of colors and patterns, sometimes nothing beats going with that simple, sleek, and ever-versatile black look. Whether it’s for work attire reasons or simply because you love to wear black, you’ll be happy to know that you can get most Allbirds shoes in this darkest of hues. In fact, many of them offer more than one black color scheme. Happy shopping!

Black running shoes

Black running shoes for men 


The Tree Flyers 2 is a shoe that proves that details matter. From an external heel counter made entirely of recycled content to a eucalyptus tree upper with a zonal knit that provides more stretch across the top and toes, these shoes have made the most of every last inch. Tree Flyers deliver a high-performing black running shoe you certainly won’t mind wearing all day. 


Simple and comfortably versatile, the Tree Dashers 2 is a black sneaker that offers a light and airy fit with plenty of stability to keep your feet firmly in control wherever your steps take you. A No-Slip Heel Fit helps lock your ankle in place, while a one-piece eucalyptus tree fiber upper ensures an ample amount of flexibility and breathability. And they happen to look fabulous in black. 

Women's Black Running Shoes


Crafted with a responsive midsole and a breathable eucalyptus tree fiber upper, The Tree Dasher Relays elevate your runs (and walks) with their lightweight, flexible, and convenient slip-on design that softly and securely hugs your foot. Featuring a supportive collar and a cushioned insole, they're your ideal companions for quick runs and leisurely jogs while showing off a sleek black style. We’re talking effortlessly matching practically any ensemble.


The TrailRunners SWT are built to withstand rugged trails but are equally at home on the most paved of grounds. This is a black trail running shoe that is engineered with a specialized tread pattern for superior grip, a reinforced rip-stop upper, stabilizing midsole support, and a sock-like collar that blocks debris.


Black Sneakers with black sole

Sometimes it’s just best to go with the black-on-black sneakers look (and for some, that “sometimes” is really “always”). Good news: we’ve got plenty of Allbirds shoes available in that ultra-sleek, all-black style. 

Check out these all-black shoes:

Black High Tops

Wool Runner-up Mizzles

Looking for a bit of a throwback look? Black high-tops are always a great idea. And if you love the minimal, sleek look of our classic Wool Runners, there’s a great chance you’ll also love its slightly taller cousin, the Wool Runner-Up Mizzles. The extended height around the ankle isn’t the only difference—these resilient shoes come with water-repellent Puddle Guard® technology to help keep your feet dry during those wetter days when it’s next to impossible to not step on a puddle (or three) while you’re out there making your way around. 

Plus, they come in not one, but four different black color schemes—because it’s always good to have options.

Black shoes for uniforms and everyday wear

Black shoes are a common part of the dress code at many places of work—especially all-black shoes. With their minimal lacing and sleek, understated design, our Tree Skippers are an adaptable, all-black sneaker that looks right at home anywhere from the front-of-house of a restaurant to a retail sales floor and practically anywhere else between. 

Need a comfy pair of all-black flats? Our Tree Breezers offer all the comfort and sustainability you’ve come to expect from Allbirds shoes, reimagined in the form of a pair of cute flats that go with anything. 

And don’t overlook the classic styling of our Tree Loungers, with their understated aesthetic and convenient slip-on fit.

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