Flat-out Comfort: Finding the Best Women’s Flats

Flat-out Comfort: Finding the Best Women’s Flats

Finding a great pair of flats is like finding a favorite coffee shop: they can make you feel relaxed and ready for whatever the day brings your way. Women’s flats are a great balance between wear-all-day comfort and wear-with-everything style, and their dress-up, dress-down versatility will take you from 9 to 5 to 9 (drinks or dancing anyone?) in no time, er, flat.

So what should you look for in the perfect pair of flats? They should be comfortable for standing or walking, breathable, and stylish, not to mention go with everything in your closet!

What makes a great pair of women’s flats?

All-Day Comfort

Just because a shoe is flat doesn’t mean it should lack support. Smooth materials and comfortable insoles are key.. Plus, we added microsuede reinforcements in the toe and heel to maintain the shape and durability of your shoe and make blisters a thing of the past. Go ahead and walk, shop, drive, coach the team, and do it all in comfort.

Natural Materials

Where other women’s flats use synthetic materials that can feel stuffy and sticky, Allbirds are made with breezy eucalyptus tree fiber upper and natural rubber outsoles. The natural tree fibers make for a silky-smooth material that’s breathable, lightweight, and easy on the planet. (Learn more about why renewable materials not only make your feet happy, they make the planet happy, too.)

No-Slip Fit

Flats are often too loose or too tight. But thanks to the added flexibility of the eucalyptus tree fiber (plus, a light rib around the upper) our Tree Breezers gently hug your feet for a perfect fit. 


For moms, sisters, coaches, teachers, or anyone who appreciates a versatile shoe, flats are easy because you really can’t go wrong. (Plus, with a dozen colors available, you opt for a bold or neutral color, or anything in between.)

How to style flats

Wondering what to wear with your flats? Here’s the beauty of this type of shoe: versatility for days! Or should we say all day into the night?

For casual looks, you can wear flats with basically any type of casual jeans—wide-legged or skinny jeans—and even with walking shorts that reach the knee. 

At the office or business meeting, swap out uncomfortable heels for flats to go with your slacks or skirts. Pair them with a crisp blouse or soft sweater.

For a bolder look, wear your flats with an oversized blazer with the cuffs rolled up plus your favorite pants of literally any length.

But let’s keep going! Linen pants, maxi skirts, knee-length dresses, tulle skirts—all of these would look effortless with a great pair of flats.

Should you wear socks with flats?

Although you may see socks with flats on some runways, and you certainly can rock the socks, most people go sockless.

However you style your flats and wherever you wear them, stay comfortable, stay chic, and know that you’re making a lower impact on the planet. Worried about cold feet? Our Wool Breezers are a great alternative for those chillier days.

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