Only Your Dumbbells Should Be Heavy: Lightweight Workout Shoes

Only Your Dumbbells Should Be Heavy: Lightweight Workout Shoes

Whether you’re easing into a fitness routine with simple home workouts or pummeling your body into submission with high-level conditioning and HIIT exercises, choosing the right pair of shoes can make all the difference in your workout experience—and keep your feet happy. When it comes to workout shoes, many of us are in search of that perfect blend of comfort, support, and, ideally, something lightweight. So, what are the best shoes to work out in, and how do you go about picking the right workout shoes? We have some insights that can help guide your path. 

What are the best shoes to work out in?

When the time comes for choosing the best shoes for your workout, lightweight active shoes with strong support are the answer. Lightweight construction reduces the strain on your feet and legs, allowing you to move with ease and agility during your workout—every ounce counts!

Lightweight gym shoes not only reduce the physical burden on your feet but also enhance your performance. While they may not instantly make you run faster and jump higher, their lighter design allows for quicker, more precise movements. So they’re great for agility movements like plyometrics, circuit training, or high-intensity interval training. Plus, the reduced weight means less fatigue, helping you go the extra mile in your workouts.

Lightweight workout shoes are typically designed with breathable materials, so your feet stay cool and comfortable during strenuous exercise. This breathability is essential for preventing discomfort, blisters, and, of course, unpleasant odors.

Ultimately, the best shoes to work out in are those that align with your specific fitness routine and give you the right balance of support, comfort, and lightweight construction. They should probably look great, too, so don’t hold back on picking your favorite colors! 

What are the best lightweight shoes?

That’s easy: Allbirds SuperLight Tree Runners. Here’s why: these lighter-than-air shoes have a revolutionary midsole created by infusing SweetFoam's sugarcane base with nitrogen. This innovation makes them exceptionally lightweight and high-performing while delivering one of our lowest carbon footprint products to date. Impressive, right?

Plus, the SuperLight Tree Runners have a fully integrated insole that’s designed to reduce material use while providing exceptional support. The multi-panel upper, made with FSC-certified eucalyptus fiber, ensures breathability and all-day comfort. So, whether you're sweating to the oldies, hitting the gym, or punishing yourself with endless jump squats, the SuperLights will make every step feel airy and effortless.

How do you pick workout shoes?

Firstly, match the type of shoes to your specific exercise routine. Running shoes are typically designed to absorb impact, making them perfect for jogging, while cross-training shoes provide lateral support for activities like weightlifting or CrossFit.

Consider factors like arch support and cushioning. Proper arch support can help prevent discomfort and injuries, especially if you have high or low arches. Cushioning is essential for reducing the impact on your joints during high-impact workouts.

Take your time to find the perfect fit. Your workout shoes should be comfortable and provide the necessary support for your favorite fitness activities. Your feet will thank you as you tackle your workouts with confidence and ease.

Curious about what to wear on recovery days? Having a pair of Tree Runners is a great option to wear on your way to a yoga class.

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